Top Secret US project to use Russian discovery

The aircraft manufacturer Boeing is reported to be investigating the claims of Russian scientist Yevgeny Podkletnov, who has said that he can shield objects from gravitational pull.

Dr. Podkletnovґs results have not been substantiated by other scientific investigators, who view him with suspicion. However, Boeing are taking him seriously enough to merit an experiment at the top secret Phantom works in Seattle, in a programme codenamed Project Grasp.

George Muellner, head of the plant, told Jane’s Defence Weekly that Dr. Podkletnovґs science appeared to be sound. He claims that in 1992, he was able to protect bodies from gravitational pull at an experiment in Finland’s University of Technology at Tampere.

He explained that the experiment consisted of placing bodies above a superconductor ceramic disc which rotated over a powerful electromagnetic force, resulting in a 2% reduction in weight by those bodies.

The implications for the aerospace industry would be enormous, if the claim can be substantiated.


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