OPEC Secretary-General to come to Moscow

Alvaro Silva Calderon, Secretary-General of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries, intends to visit Moscow, August 6, to discuss measures against crude petroleum prices plummeting. He will meet at the negotiation table with Igor Yusufov, Russia's Minister of Power Industry, reports the Secretary-General's office.

Trying talks are coming up, what with clashing opinions on just prices, point out OPEC PR. Prices ought to keep within an US$22-28 corridor, or even leap over $30 a barrel for OPEC and Russian oil alike, insists the OPEC, while Russia does not think anything above $22-25 is realistic.

Alvaro Silva Calderon recently took over the post of OPEC Secretary-General from Ali Rodriguez Araque of Venezuela, who is now heading the Petroleos de Venezuela, Latin America's foremost oil and gas monopoly.