Heroin reaches Trans-Polar region

A large batch of heroin (1 kilogram) was confiscated in Dudinka, the administrative centre of the Taimyr autonomous area (the Trans-Polar region, East Siberia).

The owners could gain some 70,000 US dollars from the sale of heroin in the trans-polar black market, said Sergei Kondrashin, the deputy chief of the Krasnoyarsk regional anti-organised crime department.

Policemen managed to trace the drug courier, a 29-year old Tajik. He headed from Dushanbe to Yekaterinburg (the Urals), then flew to Norilsk (a nickel-production centre in the Trans-Polar region) in order to reach neighbouring Dudinka.

According to Kondrashin, the police officers know the addresses where heroin was to have been delivered.