Switzerland joins UNO

Switzerland is to become the 190th member of the United Nations Organisation after the UN General Assembly completes the voting process on 10th September. Switzerland’s application for admission follows a national referendum in March.

The President of the UN Security Council, Sir Jeremy Greenstock, declared that “The Security Council has decided to recommend that the Swiss Confederation should be admitted as a member of the United Nations”.

Sir Jeremy spoke of his “great satisfaction” that the Swiss Confederation has made a “solemn promise” to adhere to the principles of the UN Charter.

Switzerland is host to the headquarters of the UNO in Europe and Swiss personnel have participated in UN humanitarian agencies since 1950.

ON 27th September, Switzerland will be followed as a UN member by the world’s youngest nation, Timor Loro Sae, or East Timor, which gained full independence in May, after 25 years of disputed sovereignty claims between Indonesia and Portugal.