Saratoga is Still Ahead

The readers ought to be thankful to Mrs. Azbenova, Chief of the Public Relations of the local branch of the “Scientology Church” for her letter criticizing the article "Turning people into slaves according to the Russian Constitution" of July 20. It remains to desire that representatives of other religious and social groups were equally responsive to public requests: then our discussions will make real difference.

Mrs. Azbenova’s letter is of an immense value. Indeed, diverse factual data on “Scientology” can be easily obtained from sources on Internet, from magazines and books; more general outlook of the “New Religious Consciousness” is presented in the classic work by Fr. Seraphim (Rose) Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future which has been reprinted many times both in English and in translation to other languages; however, there is no substitute for a real-life pressure-free presentation by a member of the Hubbard sect of those brain-washing and mind-enslavement techniques which have made this sect so notorious!

Consider a few examples.

Since I am a Scientologist myself, the dismissal of the lawsuit against the “Church of Scientology” in Moscow has made me very happy…

Sure. What’s remarkable, however, that Mrs. Azbenova has no doubt whatsoever that the Russians have to share her happiness, as if she talking to a bunch of morons.

“Churches of Scientology” indeed exist all over the world, being among the fastest growing religions.

That’s correct. By some estimates, it is the second fastest, behind Satanists. Or maybe the third, losing to Jehovah Witnesses. So what? But power-washed brains hold no questions. Reasoning is reduced to bare minimum: “bigger means better”, ain’t it? Don’t worry, be happy, smile, and do what you’ve been told to.

Five massive public actions have been held in Moscow with the support of the “Church of Scientology” for… more freedom of religion in Russia..

Unbelievable: defending the Hubbard sect, Mrs. Azbenova is bragging about its “success” in wreaking havoc on our lives for which the Russians are seeking to prosecute it! Such nuisance as logic doesn’t really matter for a true Scientologist. What’s much more significant is the tenacity and arrogance which carry the message and make an illusion of “power” ─ so that mentally and emotionally troubled people (typical victims of destructive sects) get impressed, enchanted and eventually enslaved.

Basically, the entire Mrs. Azbenova’s letter is made of the same stuff. Let us just look at the last example, the most interesting and revealing one:

The insulting term “sect” has long been out of use by the religion specialists in Russia, both with regard to the “Church of Scientology” with millions of members in over 150 countries, and to other religious movements…

In the cross hairs is the very heart of the nation: the Russian language. “Politically correct” rape of the English language is too vast a subject to touch upon; but there is a hope that its promoters will be utterly frustrated here in Russia. Of course we will keep using the word “sect” and all other words and phrases which the “religion specialists” on their payroll are unhappy about, and the mere fact that Hubbardists are teaching us how to speak Russian will certainly help Russian national revival.

Thus we have seen in Mrs. Azbenova’s letter that destructive sects have no problem openly promoting their mindset (if only the word “mind” is applicable here). The reason for that is their bet on Blitzkrieg in this post-Christian era: the enemy is charging full speed like a pack of sharks on a bloody trail, thrilled with its own success, with the demise of traditional non-Orthodox Christian confessions, with the looming global religious war, with misery and suffering of the entire mankind, especially of the Russians, Serbs and other Orthodox nations. He simply cannot slow down ─ and this mad plunge will be unto his doom.

Don’t ever forget: “Our battle is not against flesh and blood…” Hubbard’s sect is only a squad in the huge enemy’s army, albeit an elite squad. Today we are still in retreat: lawsuit in Moscow against the Hubbardists has been dismissed. Other nations ─ the Greeks, Germans, Frenchmen ─ have been more successful in their fight. Let us learn from them.

The enemy gambles on our weakness, indecision, on the panic in our ranks: all in vane. We are moving towards Saratoga, one way or another. The issue is not our victory, when and how it will be won: strategic plans are kept secret. The issue is each and every one of us: who has a share in that victory, and who, alas, caves in to the enemy. For the sake of this personal issue the entire social movement of national revival is gaining strength as we speak. Purging our land from the rot of destructive sects is just a stage in this far-reaching movement.

Hierodeacon Makarios, city of Ivanovo

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