President Putin: Russia is a reliable ally of the world community

The world community can regard Russia not just as a partner, but also as an ally "in many topical issues of the day," announced Vladimir Putin, addressing newly appointed ambassadors in a Thursday Kremlin-based ceremony of handing over of credentials.

According to the president, there have been some qualitative changes on the international scene. "As far as international relations are concerned, we have finally overcome the confrontation period," he noted.

"We are all united by the task of making our world safe, just and prosperous," he said, adding that the top priority task was to join efforts to solve "a whole set of very complicated problems." He stressed that Russia remained a consistent supporter of international law -- "the interstate mechanisms that have long proved their effectiveness." The United Nations remains one of the most important mechanisms used to "organize international life" and must be supported by Russia and its partners, went on Putin. "We reckon the United Nations will be supported not just by its member states but also through the strengthening of universal and regional organizations," he remarked, emphasizing that "here in Russia, we regard the whole set of bilateral links as an integral cementing part of the entire system of international relations."

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Author`s name: Editorial Team