Storm warning in Maritime Territory

A storm warning was issued in the Maritime Territory on Wednesday in connection with new protracted rains. According to weather forecasters, up to 50 millimetres of precipitation may fall within the next 24 hours, the Territorial administration reported. In the meantime, the liquidation of consequences of the freshet provoked by the downpours at the end of last week is going on in the south of the Territory.

Governor of the Maritime Territory Sergei Darkin, while commenting on the situation, said that the dam protecting Pokrovka settlement had been fortified in the Oktyabrsky district. "The water has now abated by half. The situation is fully under control, and a commission is working to estimate the damage done by the flood," the governor noted.

According to Darkin, emergency work at the Novogeorgiyevskoye water reservoir is continuing. At the moment there is no threat of destruction of the dam. "The level of water has stabilized, and its discharge is continuing," the governor noted. The technical commission, having checked the state of the water reservoir, recognised the situation as stable, considering the repair works done.

As many as 514 houses in 13 populated area remain flooded in the Oktyabrsky district, 1,949 people were affected by the inundation, two bridges near Poltavka village are underflooded, and 145.5 square kilometres of farmlands are flooded. According to preliminary estimates, the damage amounts to about 20 million roubles (31 roubles = 1 US dollar).