Federal Arbitration Tribunal gave to MNVK Stock Company an illusive hope for recommencement of broadcasting

Federal Arbitation Tribunal of Moscow District has acknowledged to be illegal disconnection of TV-6 channel from broadcast. Legal officer Andrei Fedorchenko is said to have exceeded his authority towards the stock company Moscow Independent Broadcasting Corporation (the owner of TV-6 channel).

It should be reminded that according to Fedorchenko’s prescribe, press minister Mikhail Lesin ordered to disconnect TV-6 from broadcast. Therefore, the suit of Lukoil-Garant company, one of the MNVK stockholders, was satisfied. Afterwards, on the sixth channel NTV-Plus channel started to broadcast. March 27, a competition for occupying the frequency of the former TV-6 channel took place, in which the non-commercial partnership Media-Sotsium won, so since June 1, on this frequency TVS channel started to work.

Though, as for the Media-Sotsium licence, not everything is all right here: the date of the broadcast start has not been fixed in the licence yet. According to Lenta.Ru, the non-commercial partnership could obtain a full value licence only after the TV-6 licence is annulled, which belongs to MNVK company.

Now, after the decision of Moscow Arbitration Tribunal, the chairman of the MNVK liquidation commission, Pavel Chernovalov is optimistic about the future of MNVK: it has many opportunities in resisting the TV-6 legal rights to broadcasting… If the tribunal admitted the activity of the juridical functionary to be illegal, that means that in future, activities of the kind must be stopped. “We have a right to demand compensation for the damage and liquidation of the disconnection consequences,” – Pavel Chernovalov said. – “Now, it would be a clever decision of the Press Ministry to voluntarily cancel its January order about stopping broadcasting. We will address with such a letter to Mikhail Lesin.”

However, the Federal Arbitration Tribunal of Moscow District is not the Supreme Arbitration Tribunal at all. While there, the decision about the “illegal disconnection of TV-6 from broadcasting” will be most likely acknowledged to be invalid.

Sergei Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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