United Kingdom: 61,000 women raped every year

An official report issued by the British Home Office, the British Crime Survey, reveals that every year 61,000 women are raped, amounting to one in every 20 women in England and Wales.

The report also reveals that 10% of women are the victims at some time of some sort of sexual act or crime, while around 45% of rapes are carried out by the woman’s partner. Only 8% of rapes are committed by total strangers.

80% of rapes are not reported to the police, through fear of reprisals or not being believed, or shame or nonchalance. A surprising number of women whose opinion was asked for in a poll expressed that this sort of thing “just happens”.

Only 7.25% of rape charges result in a conviction. While the Crown Prosecution Service and the British Crime Survey reveal that progress is being made in reporting crimes and investigation rates, these figures are a clear indication of a society with much to do to assure basic human rights for its women.