Afghanistan: The case of the missing Al-Qaeda convoy

November 2001. At the height of the US/UK bombing campaign, a massive convoy of 1,000 vehicles carrying the cream of Al-Qaeda and the Taleban leadership disappeared from under the noses of the alliance against terror.

The evidence comes from inhabitants of the villages around Logar, south of Kabul, who have been interviewed by the international press about allegations that a thousand-vehicle convoy slipped away into Pakistan under the noses of the Americans, just as later, at Kunduz, a stream of passenger aircraft launched an airlift operation to spirit away hundreds, if not thousands, of Pakistani Taleban fighters during one mysterious night.

Eye witnesses have confirmed that a convoy of around one thousand vehicles passed through the region carrying senior members of the Taleban and Al-Qaeda last November, stating that the convoy used a particularly dark night to pass through the Logar Valley, between 20.00 and 03.00 the next morning.

Those included in the convoy are claimed to be Al-Qaeda strategy chief Ayman Al-Zawahiri, Senior strategist Muzzamil and Intelligence Planner Abu Abdul, who is said to have escaped with his American wife and six children.