Russian Company got into a mess

The first delivery of Russian oil to the USA by the “UKOS” Russian company was finalized with the new court examination connected with the claim of $17mln from American company “Dardana”. Dardana requires to freeze payment of $50mln for the “first Russian oil”. The following Thursday this case will be judged in Taxes Court. This case was started in 1995. The reason was to get debts of $6mln (now this figure is $17mln) from Ukos after the acquisition PertoAlyans by Dardana. On the 4th of July the first parcel of Russian oil (2mln barrels) was shipped to Huston. The buyer was ExxonMobil. It seemed to be that ExxonMobil was going to buy the following parcels. But after the starting court examination the companies will have to change their plans


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