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'Union of Right Forces' does not intent to ask Yeltsin to head right faction at 2003 elecions

Leaders of the Union of the Right Forces /SPS/ do not intend to ask Russia's first president Boris Yeltsin to head the right faction at the Russian State Duma (the lower chamber of the Russia parliament) elections in 2003, said SPS spokeswoman Elena Dikun to RIA Novosti, giving comments on the statement of this faction's political council member Pyotr Kucherenko about his intention to ask Yeltsin to head the SPS at the parliamentary elections.

Kucherenko has not discussed and coordinated his initiative with other faction leaders and in other faction structures, Dikun stressed.

"With such statements Pyotr Kucherenko is making his own PR," he said. His standpoint has nothing in common with SPS leadership's standpoint, she concluded.