A real duke came to the city of Arkhangelsk

Prince Edward, Duke of Kent intends to honour by the memory of the British Empire citizens buried in Vologodskoye cemetery in Arkhangelsk. The aircraft of the Royal Air Forces arrived in Talagi airport just from British capital. The Duke of Kent will honour by the memory of his compatriots in the cemetery and lay a wreath by the eternal fire in the quay of Severnaya Dvina River. The visit of the Royal Family member to the Seaboard is very short. Already this afternoon, his Highness’ aircraft (which is on the list of the Royal Armed Forces) will depart for the city of Murmansk. The duke of Kent is 67 year old, he is the prince Michel of Kent older brother and Queen Elizabeth’s cousin. He is former officer, who retired in 1976. The duke is patron of many public organizations, including the President Commission on Military Burial Places of the British Commonwealth. In 1976-2001 he was vice-president of British Standing Committee of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, and he is said to have done much on this field, including furthering British trade interests in Russia. The Duke of Kent likes opera very much and takes a great interest in photography, moreover, he likes sports – sky and rowing. Prince Edward is married, he has two sons and a daughter.

In Arkhangelsk, there are about one hundred of English citizens’ graves, most of them appeared in 1918-1919, during the Antanta intervention. Great Britain apportions big sums for supporting the graves, so the Duke’s visit is a kind of inspection.

After Murmansk, the Duke will also visit the city of Severomorsk, where there are also many British graves, including that ones who accompanied allied convoys during the WW II.

Though, after his Highness departs from the Seaboard, British motives will not leave Arkhangelsk Region. 28 May, next year, on the Day of Navy, a British torpedo-boat destroyer will participate in the road in Severnaya Dvina, while afterwards, its crew will carry out a football match with the team of White Sea Naval Base.

Vitaly Bratkov PRAVDA.Ru Arkhangelsk

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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