Israel Considering Deportation of Families of Suicide Bombers

Israel is considering starting a deportation program for families of Palestinian suicide bombers. According to the idea, at first these families would be deported to Gaza, and at a later stage to Lebanon. The decision regarding the subject awaits approval of the Government's legal Advisor, Elyakim Rubinshtein. This information is courtesy of More often than not, Israeli Intelligence finds that family members knew about the intended suicide before it occurred. Furthermore, often they supported and assisted the terrorist. A decision of this sort, once made, could affect about 120 families of past suicide bombers, but it is really meant to discourage future bombers who would be worried about the fate of their families. The situation is so bad, that even Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, a strong opponent of the idea in the past years, has given his consent.

By the way, another idea tossed around by Israelis in the past was to bury the bodies of the suicide bombers mixed with pig body parts - hoping this would discourage the bombers, who know this could prevent them from going to heaven, according to Islam.

In the meantime, Israel destroyed the homes of two of the Hamas members who were involved in the massacre near Imanuel, where 9 Israeli's lost their lives. Another young Israel soldier was killed the next day, during the battle with these terrorists.

Gil Eyal PRAVDA.Ru Israel