Vladimir Putin meeting Russian ambassadors

Vladimir Putin is having a meeting with Russian ambassadors at the Russian Foreign Ministry office.

According to RIA Novosti, a similar session was last held 16 years ago.

In an exclusive interview with RIA Novosti, Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said that the Russian President would set the Russian diplomacy new tasks necessitated by the analysis of the current international situation and particularities of the Russia's present-day development.

According to Ivanov, the session will analyse the implementation of the Russian foreign policy concept approved by the head of state two years ago.

The ambassadors will discuss in detail issues of strategic stability and international security. The Russian Foreign Minister stated that these problems would be considered "from the angle of the implementation of the START Treaty and other agreements with the US." The Russian Foreign Minister also reported that the development of international cooperation in the fight against new global threats and challenges would be a priority at the session. Igor Ivanov added that "taking into account the multi-vector character of Russia's foreign policy the session will discuss our priorities in the West and in the East." Issues of improving "economic diplomacy" as a major instrument of Russia's integration into the world economy are to feature prominently at the talks. The Russian Foreign Minister stated that "the process of deep transformation of international relations has sped up the pace and the challenges of the globalisation epoch are now more acute." All this, he said, "needs to be seriously considered from the point of view of Russia's foreign policy interests." Ivanov said that the participants in the session would focus on achieving the full potential for consolidating the country's international positions taking advantage of the increased internal stability and the favourable economic situation.

The session being held under the motto "Russian Foreign Policy: Traditions and New Tasks in Globalisation" will gather Foreign Ministry officials, representatives of the diplomatic corps, federal ministries and departments as well as presidential plenipotentiaries in federal districts.