Vladimir Putin: Russia needs no preferences on international scene

Russia "needs no preferences on the international scene," Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with Russian Ambassadors in the Foreign Ministry. "Russia managed to overcome the period of long confrontation in international relations and is already regarded not as an enemy or rival" but as a predictable, trustworthy and equal political and business partner, the President stressed.

According to Putin, "rapid developments of the international situation, the appearance of new threats and realisation of these threats by our partners needs quick response, new tasks and highly responsible decisions." Putin pointed to the Russian diplomat's professional attitude to their work, which "contributed to the consolidation of Russia's positions in the world and the considerable expansion of the circle of our allies." The President also pointed to the fact that today it was the first time within the last 16 years, when all Russian Ambassadors had been invited for a serious discussion of strategic trends. In addition, heads of key Russian departments also participate in the meeting, Vladimir Putin said.