A Russian bear is leaving for America

A huge bear, a living point of interest of the Russian resort city of Sochi, is getting ready to leave for America. The new owner of the bear is Eric Roberts, pretty woman Julia Roberts’ brother. Eric Roberts was the guest of honor at the Kinotavr movie festival, which took place in Sochi. Eric was taken to the mountain of Akhun, from which one could get the wonderful view of the whole city and sea. There is a restaurant on the mountain, and the bear lived in a cage near the restaurant. As soon as the actor saw the animal, he made up his mind to take care of it. There was nothing surprising about Roberts’ decision: people who saw the bear could only feel sorry for it: it was running about the cage, growling lamentably, and looking at people with very sad eyes, as if asking for help. Roberts decided to buy the animal and take it to America, where the bear would have very good conditions for living, as Eric promised. The actor has recently confirmed his intention and asked to speed up the paperwork. The price for the bear has not been exposed, but a half of it will reportedly be paid to the current owner of the bear, and the other half will be paid to the national park of Sochi.

Roman Kiselev PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov