If you love him, you will wait till he comes

This was not a usual wedding.

An unusual wedding has been celebrated in the city of Samara. The bridegroom had been searching for his bride for more than 20 years. He found her in a women prison, serving time. Actually, the ceremony took place in the prison.

Nothing of the kind has been seen yet. The building of the fourth unit was the center of attention. The prisoners were searching for any reason to leaving the building. A representative of civilian registry office came to the prison. A local hairdresser, for the first time, made a wedding hair-dress in the Goldy Hown style. While the wedding dress and cosmetics were bought by the bridegroom, Yury, everything else was chosen by his mother.

Yury and Olga intended to get married in 1980. However, this did not happen. Yury had a photograph taken one year earlier: of himself, Ola, and his parents.

“His mother and my mother said that, if you love him, you will wait till he comes from the army,” – Olga remembers. There were bad circumstances through which they lost each other. For the first time, the girl got married, while wishing to be like others: all her friends were already married. Yury also got married, though, he continued to search for his first love. People are correct when they say that one never forgets his first love.

Twenty years later, he found Olga in the prison. It was the tenth year of her imprisonment, and Yury understood that he should take her out “from this dirtiness.”

He even did not asked her about her wishes, while his proposition was similar to an order, all the more it was made in a written form. “He never asked me, which is probably why he is so dear for me. He just said, 'you will be my wife.' And I could not contradict him,” – Olga says.

The first days of their family life will be spent in the best room the workers of the prison have chosen for them. Their real life together will start in 2006, when Olga Bashnyak will be released. However, she could very possible be released earlier.

This was not a usual wedding: the witnesses of the bride were her friends from her unit, while the guests were the staff of the prison. However, it was a real wedding, based on love.

Sergei Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

Read the original in Russian: http://www.pravda.ru/main/2002/07/10/43967.html

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