Washington’s next fable: Iraq to launch missiles with the smallpox virus

George W. Bush has wonderful aides! It is obvious that they are worth their salt. The US economy is going to pieces; the country is shaken with loud scandals connected with corruption and profit overestimation by US corporations; and the dollar is slowing down and will soon equal the euro. The American President, to keep the country from a default, resolutely increases the US domestic debt.

Top officials from the US Administration, smiles on faces, call upon investors to keep quiet, as the difficulties are said to be temporary. For ordinary Americans not to reflect on whether the situation is really bad or these are just rumors designed to ruin the "American dream," a false report was circulated. The notorious “What is to be done?” is not even on the agenda. The matter of the fact is that the solution is by our side; it will not take much time to find a way out.

A small-scale triumphant war can be a solution to domestic problems. Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein is believed to be the best enemy for this war. Therefore, the solution is brilliant and everything is so simple. Even earlier, the USA was scared of Saddam even; however, America’s interest in Iraq has reached its peak within the past two to three weeks. The New York Times reported Friday that US armed forces have developed another anti-Iraq war plan, which entails a massive attack from three directions.

America's largest land contingent will invade Iraq from Kuwait, and hundreds of war planes will attack from military bases situated in eight countries; Turkey and Qatar are mentioned in this connection. However, no official consultations have been held yet with any of the countries from where the attacks are supposed to be delivered against the Baghdad regime. “Actions of US special forces have also been planned to perform diversions against the labs where Iraqi weapons of mass destruction are allegedly designed and stored. The New York Times reports that the plan entitled "CentCom Courses of Action," was prepared by officials at Central Command in Tampa, Florida.

It is said that the document outlining key concepts of the war against Iraq, as they looked two months ago, demonstrates an advance in the planning of military activities, even though Bush continues to say publicly that he has no plans to invade Iraq. The Washington Post also reported Friday that the USA has a plan of attack against Iraq. War specialists who required anonymity mentioned all the problems the USA would face if it started such a war. They say it will be impossible to disable all Skud mobile launchers held by Iraq. It is mentioned that the USA failed to destroy a single missile of this kind in the Gulf War in 1991. “Ability to destroy mobile Scads is to become one of the key problems in the discussion of every plan designed by the US administration concerning attacks against Iraq.”

War analysts are sure that if Baghdad really holds such a weapon, the weapon will be used against both the USA and against Israel. One expert stated that, if Saddam’s head is fixed to the cost of the operation, he will have no reasons to restrain himself. The only thing he will need in this case is a chemical or biological warhead.

The US Administration is soon going to vaccinate about a half million personnel from rescue services and public health services against smallpox. It is not ruled out that attacks with the smallpox virus are possible. Who can spread the virus? The Pentagon analysts are pointing at Saddam Hussein. He is believed to commit any misdeed, including the spreading of the virus. Average Americans have swallowed the bait and categorically demand that the "criminal" be severely punished. The American people are in the grasp of the false reports, just the way it was planned.

What is the reaction of Moscow? Moscow thinks that “the Iraqi problem can be solved with political and diplomatic means only, in accordance with the UN Security Council resolutions.” Russia’s Foreign Ministry thinks that no other methods are allowed. Dmitry Chirkin PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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