Formula of happiness by astrologer Sergei Shestopalov

Namely the day I finally reached Sergei Shestopalov, the main astrologer of St Petersburg and rector of Astrology Academy, he was intending to go abroad. Though stars were well-disposed to me, and he agreed to meet with me.

Number rules the world

Question. I heard that you had tried to express many events in our life with formulas and even written a book about it. Can such a pragmatic notion like formula harmonize with astrology?

Answer. Already Pythagor said that number rules the world. So, we also started to search for a way to describe events with formulas. We started with medicine. We took characteristics of several groups of people, composed their horoscopes, carried out complex researches and found common links. For example, all asthmatics had a common link, which was absent in that who suffer from cardiovascular illnesses. Therefore, we got the formula which allows, by looking through the horoscope, to say from which illnesses a human being suffers.

Q. It could, probably, be compared with gene bank which is being created now in some countries?

A. Yes it could, though it would be only a comparison. In gene bank the question is about hereditary illnesses. While we have to do with illnesses which were not put initially. Moreover, our method does not demand complicated blood analyses, but consists only of work with figures. It is enough only to know the date, place and time of born of a person.

Q. And..?

A. All this allows to us to discover in organism a problem link when there are no symptoms of an illness at all. While knowing about predisposition to heart or oncological illnesses, a person could take preventive measures and strengthen the weak link.

Q. And what are the results?

A. The results are positive, while some, literally isolated, instances are the subject of our careful study. In general, prognostic methods are our priority, they are very popular now, and not only in medicine, but also in business, building, law, politics too.

Q. Could your methods be used practically already now?

A. Of course. For example, the formula of possible repeated commission of some criminals is of great interest for law-enforcement bodies. Formula of compatibility is popular in people who get married. And could you imagine, how many young people could be secured from false step through formula of choosing profession? Once, we analyzed the horoscope of a friend of ours and concluded that she should have become a writer. She was confused and confessed that she wrote “for herself.” Soon after that she sent her short story to a BBC competition and won the first place. Or let us take the formula of barrenness. Using it in practice could be of a great importance and would help to correctly calculate the time of conception and bearing healthy children.

Q. I know a woman who cannot at least within 10 years become pregnant spite all recommendations of doctors and astrologers.

A. Yes, there are such cases. Recently a lady addressed to us who had a similar problem. For the whole her married life she has never had the formula of conception. And she could not have it at least in that place where she lived. We advised to her to change the city, because it seriously influenced the fate. If a person lives in a non-proper place, it takes much force from him and turns into unluckiness. All biochemical processes flow very slowly, illnesses are too long and hard to cure. Such a person always has troubles: in his carrier or in private life. Though, sometimes a person feels happy spite all outside factors. This means that he lives in a proper place, where his formula of happiness works. This formula was known already 5,000 years ago, while we got it only in the late 20th century. And if people occupied themselves not with wars, but with bettering their life, there would be so many happy people around.

The law of boomerang

Q. Sergei, you occupy yourself with karma astrology. In our everyday life we could hear this word too often, and sometimes as a menace. And what is it really?

A. Karma is the law of nature, similar to the law of gravity. It is senseless to try to change it. The law of karma keeps balance in the world, while breaching it causes serious consequences. “Eye for eye,” as Bible says.

Q. Could you illustrate it?

A. An example is the US bombardments of Yugoslaviawhich was not a US enemy and did not declared war to the US. Though the country was seriously damaged, thousands of people died. Afterwards, the law of karma was put into effect. Two years later, September 11, the strike upon the United Stated was delivered. The results are a catastrophe. It is too easy to accuse terrorists of everything. Though, it would mean that we do not understand the laws which rules this world. The question is not that the terrorists planned and realized the attack, but that they were a tool of the law of karma. Terrorists, while not understanding the late, breached the law of balance and delivered a more powerful strike. So, the pendulum swung again, but now towards Afghanistan. As for the main accused, bin Laden, the analyses of the cosmological situation of the September events and of the New York coordinates shows that the mastermind of the crime was a person born under the sign of Aries, while bin Laden was born under the sign of Cancer. It cannot be concluded that the crime was financed by bin Laden on some stage, but the real evil genius is still not known. It is very possible that this person is now on US territory, so annihilation of bin Laden cannot exclude new actions of the real mastermind.

Q. There is a strange situation: on one hand, America became the victim of the terrorist act, while on the other hand it became much benefit and its world expansion develops without any obstacles.

A. No collapse expects the United States even in more tragic circumstances. The horoscope built for July 4, 1776, when the US was declared, is a very powerful structure. I tried to find something similar to it on the 500-year piece of time and I did not find it. This was a really unique situation on that day when such a powerful state appeared.

Q. Though aspiration for world power is also a breach of balance, which causes a heavy karma.

A. Now the karma laws are being seriously breached, so catastrophic consequences are inevitable. That could be not only terrorist acts, but also natural cataclysms, floods, hurricanes. Today, we are eye-witnesses of a prelude to the main process which should start in 2003 and end in 2010, when Uranus leaves the Fishes. The Fishes means closure and boundedness, while Uranus means freedom. Namely at that time, destruction will take place, mixture of cultures, religions, nations. These events will precede the Golden Age.

Q. Is the date of the Golden Age known?

A. It was known long ago: the year 2017. It was called by mystic philosopher Yelena Blavatskaya and scientist Konstantin Tsiolokovsky. By the year 2015, human kind will discover cheap sources of energy, which are practically inexhaustible. This is connected with Pluto and his going through special points. Pluto is a symbol of powerful sources of energy, energy of vacuum, lasers. In particular, in 1930, while his going through a similar point, several epoch discoveries were made: television, superconductivity. In 1989, scientists again came near to the solution of the superconductivity issue. In 2015 the issue of superconductivity in room temperature will be solved, while this means transmitting energy without losses. So, the start of the Golden Age is connected with technological progress, when people became free for creative work.

Q. Do you have any forecasts for the future of Russia?

A. Now, Russia is in its period of economical growth. And if I have correctly determined the born time of Vladimir Putin, the real danger for him could bring the year 2012. Though, there is also a possibility for the US President to die after some illness of after an assault. In 2003-2004, Russia will carry military activities abroad. It could be Russia’s participation in the anti-terrorism war. As for the year 2002, it is very similar to 2001. It also will be reach in catastrophes and natural cataclysms.

Q. And what do you think about horoscopes which are published now in almost every magazine?

A. They point only at common tendencies and are built on probability principle. They are realized at most on 25 percent. They should not be taken seriously.

Marina Alexeeva St Petersburg

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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