San Antonio citizens sweat the most of all

Procter & Gamble recently held a curious investigation to determine which American city sweats most of all.

Every year, contests are held is American cities, as a result of which different titles are conferred upon the cities: the most friendly city, the most comfortable city, or the city with the best manners. This year, Procter & Gamble, the famous deodorant producer, suggested the unusual theme for the contest. At the height of the summer season, the winner has been announced, the city that sweats the most is San Antonio, Texas. Some may call the victory a Pyrrhic one, as they consider the success of the city rather questionable.

Procter & Gamble representatives asked people not to be confused because of sweating, because perspiration is a way the body protects itself from heat. An average San Antonio citizen sheds more than one liter of sweat on an hour walk. This showing made San Antonio the contest leader among American cities. Other winners of the contest are Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, and West Palm Beach. Procter & Gamble representatives say that the investigation was held in 50 American cities; temperature and humidity showings were taken for precise results of the contest. The showings were used to estimate the volume of sweat shed by people on an hour walk in different American cities. The mayor of the winning city will be presented with Procter & Gamble’s new deodorant, Old Spice Red Zone. In addition, the contest also revealed the American cities where people sweat less in the summer: Barrow, Alaska, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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