We have fantastic results! But they are not good for the system of power

When did your method appear?

There were opinions expressed abroad 20 years ago that patients had to do more sports for their own recovery. Such information was concealed in the Soviet Union, they did not expose the information about self-control means, when a person could properly sort out the necessary dose of insulin. The state was saving money on high-quality insulin, they preferred to use bull or swine insulin instead. The insulin production was launched in Russia at the end of the 1980, the first money was assigned in 1990s. But those 40 million dollars were basically stolen. Ninety-five percent of medicines in Russia are imported. Our program started working in 1997, and it was proved that we were going along the right direction. We addressed to the Ministry of Healthcare, in order to conduct the clinical tests of our method. We are actually ready for any cooperation, we do not mind our methods being thoroughly checked, we would be happy about it.

So, what was the answer from the Healthcare Ministry? Do you have any contacts with official medical structures?

I have not been to the Healthcare Ministry since 1997. Former Healthcare Minister, Mr. Starodubov, listened to us very attentively. He did not help, but he did not put any obstacles either. Then we found out that he had something in common with diabetes cases, and he did not need our ideas at all. We addressed to former Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin - we didn’t get any answer from him at all. Those officials simply divided the budget money between themselves, that’s all.

You developed the new method, you started experiments and tests and obtained an alternative method of treatment.

Yes, we got fantastic results. This is a very efficient method , and what is most important – it is cheap. Our sports lab was working in Moscow 30 years ago. We had our tests performed on mice, we made them do various physical exercises and then examined them under a microscope. We discovered, which capillaries were coming up after which physical exercises – heart and working muscle capillaries. Diabetes deteriorates little capillaries, and physical exercises help to restore them. Tere are no complications, no amputations, whereas people suffer from gangrene and poor blood circulation under the traditional treatment.

Does a person have to go in for sports all the time after that?

There are people that managed to get rid of insulin, and they do not do anything. I would recommend they should keep up training, because they need to develop their carbohydrate metabolism. Two athletes took part in the Olympics of the year 2000 – they managed to get rid of their insulin dependence. It was even proved that people could recover from diabetes, there were such occasions. Diabetes is becoming a curable disease, it is not a death sentence anymore, but people do not know about it, unfortunately. Home medicine is more drawn to producers’ interests. There are a lot of foreign medicines on the Russian market now, and not all of them are efficient, but they cost a lot of money and our officials prefer to buy more expensive foreign insulin instead of the cheap Russian insulin. Those people, who deal with that huge money, do not at all want diabetes to become curable - it is not profitable for them. By the way, one diabetes-sick patient “brings” over 500 thousand of profit to the American medicine. This is the way our society is, although the cost of just a part of a modern American bomber plane would be enough to conduct serious tests of our method.

Thank you for the interesting interview. I wish you luck in your work. What can you say in conclusion?

In our latest work “Diabetes deliverance, given by the nature” we united everything that had been done before, as well as out latest achievements. All our methods are based on the laws of physiology, on the laws of nature. One can be cured even from the rarest from of diabetes. I would like to repeat it again – diabetes is not a contra-indication to sports. The people, who have power and money, can put an end to the growth of diabetes rate. Sports clubs organizations could become the best decision for that objective. There are a lot of people, who suffer from diabetes, and it is not really hard to set up conditions for their recovery. But the main obstacle on this way is the inaction of the state.

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Prepared by Sergey Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov