Independence Day and the World Court

The United Nations is using the guise of the World Court is an attempt to introduce numerous platforms. First, it is an attack on US sovereignty, potentially subjecting US interests to a politically motivated court. Second, by opening up US interests and government action to scrutiny of a “court”, it would hamper our efforts to keep the peace and build democracies around the world. No other nation has the courage to build democratic and stable nations like the US. The United Nations- friend of terrorists and dictators- loathe countries that do not need their continual assistance and intervention.

The United Nations is an inept bureaucracy that would implode upon itself if it were not for the help continual financial help of the United States. It has been broke for years through continued financial mismanagement. The only reason that the United Nations has been somewhat neutral (that’s putting it very kindly) to the interests of the US is that they understand that our nation holds the purse strings to their operation, some 25% of their budget. Pseudo-unfriendly actions and initiatives will turn blatantly un-American if given the power and reach of the World Court. The World Court is a large step in giving the United Nations sweeping powers within the boundaries of the United States of America.

I thought that is what Independence Day is all about anyway- freedom from the sovereignty of other nations. At a time when the United States is occupied with the war on terror the United Nations is attempting to slip this one past the people of the US. Thankfully President Bush has vowed to keep the United States out.

As a side note: We’ll be attending Independence Day celebrations in our home of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Vice President Cheney is in town for the weekend, and he is expected to make an appearance at the Grand Teton Music Festival’s symphony celebration. The symphony plays free concert on July 4th. The attendance this year is expected to exceed ten thousand.

Are we a target? Maybe. Should we celebrate our independence with vigor? You bet. I encourage all Americans to go out and celebrate our Independence Day without fear. Giving in to fear only gives terrorism another victory.

May God Bless you all.

Stephen A. McDonald

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