Diabetes can be cured!

Diabetes. As is well known, this is a very serious chromic disease, which is impossible to get rid of it. It is like a heavy burden that a sick person has to bear for a lifetime. Doctors will tell you that this illness happens when the pancreas stops producing enough insulin, which is vital to the human body for the assimilation of carbohydrates. A malfunction causes serious poisoning, and the doctors’ objective is to reduce the patient’s suffering during his entire life.

However, as we said, this is well known. There is hardly a person in the world who knows that diabetes can be cured. Totally cured, not only sometimes. Today! Now! In Russia! Russian physiologists, biologists, and dietitians, made a unique discovery: they developed a rather complicated but accessible program for the rehabilitation and recovery of diabetes patients. In the event that the program is implemented, there will be no need for the state to spend huge sums of money on medical treatment, allowances, ect. Billions of dollars will be saved. The most important thing is that the creators of the new method are ready to present the case history of those people that have been cured of diabetes. Therefore, as you can see, this cure has been documented and proven.

This information is actually not new; it first appeared in the press in 1997-1998, but the society's response was meager, because no one had given the new program a go. Furthermore, there are some people who do their best to bring the whole matter to nothing, and there is absolutely no help from the state itself, unfortunately.

A Russian scientist, the pathfinder, managed to produce a little book last spring. The book is titled Diabetes deliverance, given by the nature. The book summarizes the results of longstanding research and gives am explicit answer to the question “What should I do?” if you have diabetes.

The book was produced under the direction of Svetlana Kasatkina, who was the head of a special lab, working on the development of special devices for the efficient recovery of athletes after traumas and diseases. Svetlana Kasatkina participated in international sports competitions herself. Her biggest achievement, as she thinks, is her victories in international marathons in Copenhagen and Munich. She participated in those marathons with an interval of one week for rest. She managed to win both marathons, being five minutes ahead of her closest rival, despite doctors’ attempts to get her out of her sports hobby due to Svetlana’s heart problems. Instead of giving up the sports career, she tested up-to-date methods of recovery, which led her to her victories (not only sports, but physical victories).

An interview with Svetlana Kasatkina is coming soon.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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