The Pentagon can cry like a baby

The Pentagon ordered the creation of a new acoustic weapon: Americans plan to scatter enemy soldiers with a baby weeping. Constructors of a new weapon call it “a sound bullet.” They say that a directed flow of unpleasant sounds played loudly will be very painful for enemies and can make them run away.

The Scotsman, a British newspaper, reports that fifty soundtracks have already been recorded for military purposes. The records are planned to be played at a volume of 140 decibels. This level is as strong as if you were standing close to a jet passenger plane during takeoff. The new weapon is certainly to cause an awful headache for the enemy. Armies of the world have been using sound, speech, and broadcasting for propaganda purposes for many years. However, German Fascists used sound in their torture. Americans used so-called “rock concerts” for the besieged Manuel Noriega to drive him out of his “fortress” with loud music. A “sound bullet” may also be used to contain crowds (it can also be used in operations against anti-globalists), to drive al-Qaeda terrorists out of Afghani caves, as well as in “duels” of military ships.

A light version of the new weapon, according to its creators, can be used against passenger airliners for protection against terrorists. However, this can be also dangerous for the passengers.

The developer of the new weapon, American Technology Corporation, was licensed to use the innovation for peaceful purposes. Quite different sound tracks will be used for these purposes. For example, vending machines are supposed to emit sounds resembling fizzing of opened cans. The sound is believed to convince people to purchase soft drinks. A baby weeping is not suitable for commerce. Let us leave this sound for the Pentagon to work with.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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