Russia-EU cooperation models might be "test-run" in the Baltic region

At the meeting of heads of governments of the Baltic region states Russian prime-minister Mikhail Kasyanov opined that the experimental Russia-EU cooperation models might be test-run in the Baltic region.

According to Kasyanov, they might be talking, for example, of such cooperation models as formation of a common economic environment or development of power engineering dialogue.

The Russian premier pointed out that presently the Baltic sea region was rightfully considered as one of the most stable regions in the world and "there were no grounds for occurrence of any conflicts there". The premier indicated that the countries-members of the Council of the Baltic Sea States differed greatly from each other but nevertheless were finding common language. In Kasyanov's opinion, adequate experience had been gathered which might be shared with other regions.

While summing up the results of the work of the Council of the Baltic Sea States in the last 10 years Kasyanov stressed that joint efforts managed to create in the region "strong ties of interaction" on a wide range of issues.

Meanwhile the Russian prime-minister stated that presently our continent was living through the period of renovation, new demands were emerging in relation to intensity and quality of regional cooperation. According to Kasyanov, even in future economic aspects would remain the first-among-equal problems. The premier opined that it was necessary to devote more attention to cooperation in the investments area, in elimination of trade barriers, creation of a homogeneous comfortable environment for entrepreneurship.

In addition to that Kasyanov stated that the Baltic region states should intensify cooperation in the sphere of the struggle against terrorism and organized criminality, should oppose laundering of criminal money.

Kasyanov recommended to the Council to more closely examine the experience of Black sea states which established a Navy cooperation group exclusively for peaceful purposes. Kasyanov stated that "the departmental affiliation of rescuers should not be viewed as an obstacle against cooperation, the important thing was to assist people in distress." In conclusion the Russian prime-minister was hopeful that the Council of the Baltic region had enough political and economic possibilities to resolve new tasks and cope with new challenges and to ensure decent future to our children and grandchildren.

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