Discussion in PRAVDA.Ru: Hurlery B.Carlisle replies to Gil Eyal

Now, where would I get misinformation? I read the English, German, and American press plus Pravda ...on line. Maybe I'm too dumb to assimilate all that? Gen. Sharon doesn't have a history of looking for peace. There are war crimes in his past, so I hear. But maybe I've been misinformed? I think I read something in the Jerusalem Post about that....

The "crappy situation" that the Palestinians are in is extreme Apartheid...second class citizens in their own land. It's South Africa all over again. There have been times when there was practically no suicide bombing...when Israel was treating the Palestinians better....and they had a little hope for the future. There might be some suicide bombing in the USA, but I doubt that it will spread all over the world unless there is peace.

I have read the Old Testament and the Torah where G-d gives the Children of Israel explicit instructions on what to do with the Canaanites, the Hittites, and the other tribes in the Promised Land. I do not expect any peace there. I do not expect Israel to be driven into the sea, nor do I expect the Palestinians to be driven out. I expect Israel may make use of some of the weapons it has stored at Dimona against the other Arabs.

Dr. Goebbels is dead, but the Big Lie lives. With that, I bow out of the argument....I am a rather dull fellow (who questions Israel's peace) and I have run out of ideas.