Washington’s siesta in Iraq: neither invasion, nor peace

US President George W.Bush, on a visit to France, announced that no invasion of Iraq will happen this year.

Several days before the statement, US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld confirmed that the US army was ready to execute operations in any part of the world; however, these operations may be performed only in the network of anti-terrorism campaign, which is why no war campaigns aimed at changing the political structures of other countries, such as Iraq, can be spoken about so far.

The Defense Secretary added at that the White House has no idea what to do with Saddam Hussein’s regime. The secret is simple: the Pentagon does not have a variant for solving the "problem" of Iraqi that would cause the USA a minimum of problems.

Indeed, Iraq can not be as easily bombed as Yugoslavia. The Pentagon plans to enable at least 200,000 soldiers in the Desert Storm 2, who are wonderful targets for Iraq’s surface-to-surface missiles. Thus, there will large-scale bloodshed. Whatever one may say, Saddam Hussein cannot be compared with bin Laden, as he is a small dictator and a loser. Iran is the key threat to be afraid of now. While the USA and the world community attacking Saddam’s regime, Iran worked on the creation of ballistic missiles. Countries such as China, Moldavia, Armenia, etc. rendered support.

Saddam Hussein has to suffer instead of all the pariah countries, which seems to be rather unfair. Let us see how long the Iraqi siesta is to last.

Dmitry Chirkin PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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