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German businessmen to meet their Belarussian colleagues

A meeting between Belarussian and German businessmen will be held in Minsk on May 23rd-24th. According to Vladimir Avgustinsky, the head of the German economic representation in the Republic of Belarus, the agenda of the first day of the meeting includes a seminar, which will be held with the participation of Belarussian Vice-Premier Andrei Kobyakov and the heads of Belarussian ministries and departments. At the seminar, the officials are expected to disclose information concerning Belarussian private property schemes, Belarussian capabilities as an economic partner, major investment projects and the present status and the future of bilateral economic relations. The programme also includes a contact and cooperation meeting, where German and Belarussian businessmen will have a chance to establish contacts, discuss cooperation targets and arrange future meetings. Vladimir Avgustinsky believes that this event, as well as the previous ones, will greatly contribute to the intensification of Belarussian-German economic relations. "Such contacts have contributed much to Germany becoming Belarus' third largest economic partner after Russia and Ukraine," he concluded.