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Joint statements in the economic and energy spheres to be adopted following the Russian-US summit

A Joint Statement on cooperation in the trade-economic, investment and technological spheres will be adopted following the Russian-US summit in Moscow. RIA Novosti was informed of this by Sergei Prikhodko, deputy chief of the Kremlin administration. In Prikhodko's words, the Russian side is going to raise before the American side "the issue of intensifying work to finally liberate bilateral economic relations from all artificial obstacles and barriers." What is meant is the anachronism of the Jackson-Vanik amendment, as well as the recognition of the market status of the Russian economy and the elimination of barriers for productive cooperation in hi-tech spheres, i.e., the aerospace industry, informatics, and the creation of new energy sources, Prikhodko said. According to him, a separate Statement on the start of dialogue in the energy sphere will be adopted following the summit. Prikhodko also said that round-table discussions on bilateral cooperation in the sphere of information technologies, power engineering and transport would be organised and meetings between representatives of Russian and American aerospace companies held within the framework of the US president's visit. Apart from this, it is planned to discuss specific measures aimed at developing bilateral ties in the cultural, educational and other spheres and encouraging youth and parliamentary exchanges and contacts between Russian and American public organisations. "All these issues will be reflected in a Statement on cooperation among our nations," Prikhodko said in conclusion.