Religious procession devoted to 141st anniversary of reburial of poet Taras Shevchenko’s ashes

The day before yesterday, hundreds of visitors from different cities of Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan participated in action in the city of Kanev, connected with 141st anniversary of reburial of ashes of great Ukrainian poet Taras Chevchenko on Chernecha Mountain. Before the ancient Assumption Temple, a meeting-requiem was carried out, afterwards, its participants went in a religious procession to the poet’s grave. Later, professional and amateur artists appeared before the guests. In memory of the poet, flowers were laid also on his motherland – in villages of Morintsy and Shevchenkovskoye. Traditional actions carried out in the framework of International Literary and Artistic Festival “In the Free, New Family” will last till May 22. In particular, poetic competitions will be carried out in Khlypnivtsi settlement of Zvenigorod region, as well as excursions in places connected with the poet’s memory, Obozrevatel reports. This time, first persons of the state and politicians will not come to the festival, who like to parade their new political ideas against the background of Shevchenko’s monument. And this is to the better. Glance of the new Ukrainian “nobility” limousines often overshadows the essence of the event. The government should better take care of keeping relics gathered in Shevchenko National and Historical Reserve in Kanev and discharge its obligations. Alas, last year the reserve was financed only by 46 percent of what was planned, as a result, the directorship could not pay to the restorers. According to Zerkalo Nedeli newspaper, this year the reserve was not financed at all. Several hours before the arrival of diplomatic staff, the Shevchenko’s memorial was nearly left without electricity: energy suppliers wanted to cut off electricity because of the reserve’s debts. That would be an interesting story for diplomats! In the meanwhile, the city of Kanev and the Shevchenko’s memorial could be the “face’ of Ukraine: only last year, 13,000 tourists from 35 countries visited it.

Andrei Lubensky PRAVDA.Ru Ukraine

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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