Who will be Krasnoyarsk Region’s governor?

September governor’s election in the city of Krasnoyarsk should be “quiet.” This wish was expressed by the Kremlin with the mouth of the President’s plenipotentiary to Siberian Federal District, Leonid Drachevsky. After all troubles in Yakutia, the wish of the plenipotentiary and of the Kremlin to avoid scandal in Krasnoyarsk is clear. But will the pretenders for the governor’s chair take into account this wish? The candidates for the governor are known (however, most of potential candidates have not manifested yet their intention): Alexandr Uss, the local Legislative Assembly’s speaker, Alexandr Khloponin, the head of Taimyr Autonomous District, Krasnoyarsk mayor Petr Pimashkov, communist Petr Romanov. It is not a secret that interests of some financial and industrial groups collide with each other in Krasnoyarsk Region: of Rusal company, of Norilsky Nikel company, of YUKOS, of United Energy Systems Russian stock company, of MDM, and of Mezhprombank. As well as it is also known who of the candidates could be supported by that financial and industrial groups. Alexandr Khloponin, of course, will be supported by Norilsky Nikel company. Before being elected the head of Taimyr, Khloponin was the leader of this work. And he was good on this post and turned Nornikel into one of the most profitable works of the country. Alexandr Uss is supported by Rusal company. That “warm” relations between the aluminium giant work and the speaker were formed already in the epoch of their common opposition to governor Alexandr Lebed. However finally Alexandr Lebed and Rusal seemed to had made it up with each other. This was why, several months ago, Nikolay Ashlapov (today’s acting governor) became vice-governor of the region, who was earlier the head of Rusal in Krasnoyarsk. Though, this does not mean that Rusal has stopped supporting Uss. The speaker is very popular in the region and will practically certainly pass to the second round of the election. And he was almost the only candidate who insisted on the soonest election, because he does not need additional time for “advertizing.” Though, this does not mean that USS is also supported by Moscow. Friendly relations with businessman Anatoly Bykov, whose case is being heard now in Moscow, will hardly be a plus for Uss in the Kremlin’s opinion. Bykov yesterday stated that he intends to support the speaker’s candidacy. Though, today Bykov’s lawyer Genrikh Padva said that his client had not decided yet whom he would support. That fact is interesting that Alexandr Uss, however belonging once to Unity party, still does not belong to United Russia part. This is a real minus, however not the decisive one. Though, Rusal probably will find one more candidacy for the governor’s post, which could secure Uss: Petr Pimashkov. In the election of Krasnoyarsk mayor in 2000, Pimashkov was supported by Krasnoyarskavtodor local plant. While this plant is being controlled by Rusal. Moreover, Pimashkov is a member of United Russia party, so Rusal could probably support Pimashkov, however not as obviously as Alexandr Uss. There is one more argument for Uss and Pimashkov being able to go together. The Krasnoyarsk mayor is very popular in the city, though he is not known in other cities of the region, as well as in the villages (where the electorate is very disciplined). While the speaker is known to villagers, though he hardly will be fully supported by Krasnoyarsk citizens. One of the candidates will probably hand over his votes to the other, who will pass to the second round. Though, the variant cannot be also excluded, when financial and industrial groups will agree to support one candidate. Therefore, his victory is guaranteed. But it is not clear yet, who could be such a candidate. Because this candidacy should be co-ordinated with Moscow, while the Kremlin has not showed yet its preference. To be continued…

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru Translated by Vera Solovieva

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