Libya to USA: Prove it!

Libya reacts to the inflammatory speech made by a member of the US administration on Monday adding Libya, Cuba and Syria to the “axis of evil” countries and blaming Russia and China for proliferation.

Tripoli accuses the USA of making false declarations in order to intimidate other countries. Hassouna Chaouch, spokesperson for the Libyan Ministry of External Relations, declared on Wednesday “Everyone knows that Libya is not trying to obtain weapons of mass destruction. Libya has signed all the international treaties and agreements which prohibit this type of weapons”.

Hassouna Chaouch was speaking in reply to the inflammatory speech made on Monday by US Under-Secretary of State John Bolton, who termed Cuba, Syria and Libya as hostile countries and who declared that it was well known that Tripoli was pursuing a policy to obtain chemical, biological and nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

Tripoli challenges the USA, demanding that the administration proves its allegations. Muammar Gaddafi was the first Arab leader to condemn the September 11th terrorist attack.