Bombs in mailboxes instead of anthrax

An unknown terrorist (or terrorists) who sent bombs by post last Friday is developing activity. Explosive devices have been detected not only in Iowa and Illinois, but in other US states as well.

Six bombs were detected in the state of Nebraska Saturday, and Colorado was added to the list on Tuesday. The FBI reports, total amount of 15 explosive devices was detected. Some of them detonated and some were neutralized. Six people were injured, fortunately their lives are not in danger any more.

It is still not clear what is the terrorist’s objective. The same way as before, notes are attached to the bombs to say only that the society is controlled by the government. FBI agents noticed several grammatical mistakes in the notes. But the fact does not mean at all that the terrorist is a stranger, bin Laden and al-Qaeda are also unlikely to be connected with the terrorism acts. In fact, there are enough mentally unbalanced people in the USA.

In any case, even despite his illiteracy, the malefactor succeeded with bomb making. To tell the truth, it is not really difficult to build a bomb, it is quite enough to have access to the Internet and minimum of materials at hand. And here you are, you may make a bomb!

The USA is experiencing another bad luck once again. Hardly the panic about enveloped white powder was over, another problem appeared. As judging from text of the notes attached to the bombs, the terrorist is a fan of X-files movie. It can not be predicted so far when the terrorist can be found. Investigation of the anthrax case still continues. Investigation of the new case is likely to last for long as well.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

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Translated by Maria Gousseva

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