Dutch answer to the ultra-leftists: local fuerer killed

Recently, the quiet Netherlands have drawn attention of the world’s information agencies. Passions did not completely settled after the government’s resignation because of the fact that Dutch peace-makers turned out to be indirectly implicated in ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1995. And now – one more emergency event: Monday, the leader of local ultra-leftist party Leefbaar Nederland (Livable Netherlands), Pim Fortuyn was killed. The murder took place in the city of Hilversum, situated at a distance of 20 km from Amsterdam. Fortuyn was quitting the local radio station where he gave in interview. According to the witnesses, a man ran up to him and shot six times at his bosom and head. Foruyn died in hospital from the wounds. The killer was detained, though for the time being, the Dutch police reported nothing about the motives of the crime. Pim Fortuyn was a very well known person in the Netherlands. Being a sociology professor, in his youth he was interested in Marxism, though later completely changed his political views. As well as other ultra-rightists in Europe, he called to limiting immigration from the Third World. Fortuyn especially hated immigrants from Muslim countries. He called Islam a “backward culture” and even wrote a book Against the Islamisation of our Culture. Many observers explained his hatred against Islam with his non-traditional sexual orientation. Fortuyn never kept back he was homosexual, while Islam, as well known, is negative about homosexuality. However, there are enough homosexuals in Muslim countries, and Fortuyn supposedly also knew it. Though, the sexual orientation of Fortuyn was not the reason of his popularity in the Netherlands. His appeals to limit immigration were welcomed by many Dutch citizens. Alas, that are latest tendencies of European political and public life: to accuse Muslims, Africans, Chinese of all troubles… In this sense, Fortuyn was not singular. Apropos, his colleagues from right-wing organizations of other countries hastened to declare the murder to be political. According to Bruno Megre, Jean Mari Le Pen’s former brother-in-arms, leader of National Front of France and today’s head of ultra-rightist National Republican Movement, the political murder showed the degree the hysteria could reach, similar to what French leftists forced within recent two weeks.” Therefore, according to Megre, the murder was suit the leftist. Though, what else could a rightist said. In the Netherlands, confusion and shock reign. Fortuyn, whatever could be said about him, was a well-known and popular politician. Many experts forecasted his party could receive up to 15 percent of the vote in the parliament election. Though, after the yesterday murder, the election appointed for May 15, was postponed. Now, the ultra-rightist could receive even more votes, however they no more have such a figure. But Fortuyn’s ideas will bring their fruits already in the nearest future. Not only right-wing parties, but also conservators say about necessity to toughen the immigration laws. So, Fortuyn est mort, vive Fortuyn… There are enough fighters for purity of nation in Europe.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

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Translated by Vera Solovieva

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