Harry Potter already in Ukraine

The universal Potter-mania has already reached Ukraine. First, Russian translations of the book appeared, and then a Ukrainian edition of the popular book published by a children’s publishing house came to the market. The edition’s unique cover differs from the Russian and other editions. Director of the Ukrainian publishing house Ivan Malkovich says that “Issue of the Ukrainian Harry Potter (that was presented on April 13 at 11:59:45 p.m.) was delayed for two months because of the cover. The British side insisted that the cover was to be American, the same way Harry Potter is published all over the world, including in Russia. Nevertheless, Ukraine managed to get a permit to publish the book with a cover of its own version. Moreover, the British partners liked the cover, which was really important for us. On the whole, since 2000, when Warner Brothers bought the rights for Harry Potter, the number of requirement is ever increasing.”

The print edition of the Ukrainian Harry Potter was 10,000, which is really great for Ukraine, but the still does not promise to be significant. In Malkovich’s words, “half of the edition has been already been bought, and this is very unusual for Ukraine.” The publishing house plans to organize presentations of the book in different cities, and it expects to be assisted by the British Council in Ukraine.

One of the numerous Ukrainian Orthodox Churches already has cast blame on Joanne Rowling’s book, as clergymen think the book so much admired by children is a bit devilish. Ivan Malkovich is not disturbed because of the accusations: “If they think that magic books should be prohibited, then we should prohibit books by Nikolay Gogol as well and many others in which magic is mentioned.” The publishing house plans to publish more books about the little magician. In addition, congratulations to the publishing house, which is ten this year.

Andrei Lubensky PRAVDA.Ru Ukraine

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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