Israel unhappy with UN committee, UN representative Teria Larsen, and UN leader Kofi Anan

Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon expressed his disappointment with the members of the UN Committee, sent to examine the situation in the Palestinian city of Jenin.

Israeli officials were angered at the fact the members of the committee were selected without consulting Israel. The committee, they feel, consists of human rights activists, and no military experts who would understand the necessity of Israel's actions, and appreciate Israel's avoiding the use of aerial bombings in order to spare the lives of the innocent.

"This cost us lives on many soldiers", said an Israeli official, who said he felt Kofi Anan had cheated the Israeli's and forced upon them an unwanted committee.

The Israeli's were please with the absence of UN representative in the area, Teria Larsen. Larsen appeared on television in several days ago, saying he was shocked at what he saw at Jenin, and more than hinting he felt Israel had acted without a mandate.

Israelis were furious with Larsen's comments. "Where was he when the Park Hotel in Netanya blew up and the bodies of our children were spread on the street?" asked Israel's minister of law, Meir Shitrit. "Not once have I heard Larsen say anything against the Palestinian terror, except for occasional general remarks. He never once pointed a finger of blame at them".

How furious were the Israeli ministers could be seen by the prime minister's office's decision to refuse any contact with Larsen. Several high level Israeli officials are considering declaring Larsen a persona non grate - unwanted person.

Haim Avraham, the father of a kidnapped Israeli soldier, who is believed to be held, or possible killed by Hizbollah forces put it best for Israelis: "Larsen and his organisation are clearly unobjective. They lied to my face when he said the UN didn't have a tape of my son being kidnapped. We know now they do have one! And they hid it from us. Larsen never spoke of the horrible thing that happened to my son. I've never heard him say a word about the terror we live in".

The tape the UN hid from Avraham raises heavy suspicions of UN soldiers ignoring the Israeli soldiers distress during the kidnapping. Avraham's words say it best for the Israeli street, who today have lost pretty much all faith in the UN.

Gil Eyal Israel Specially for PRAVDA.Ru

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