100,000 in march against Le Pen

100,000 people marched against Le Pen all over France on Monday after the first round of the presidential election gave him a second-round show-down with Jacques Chirac.

In Paris, the demonstration became so heated that tear gas was used by the police. The French people wake up with the horror of what they have done echoing in their ears: aiming to use the first round as a protest vote against some of the short-comings of Lionel Jospin’s Socialist government, namely regarding security, the left vote was dispersed among so many candidates that Le Pen was let in through the back door, with an advantage over Jospin of less than one percentage point (17.02% against 16.07%).

Le Pen now vows to take France out of the European Union and to restore the Franc, if he is elected. It is a big If.


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