Attempt to convict Defence Ministry for Chechnya was not a success

A notorious trial began and ended in Moscow. An inhabitant of Chechnya Abdulla Khamzayev demanded from the Defence Ministry, the Prosecutor General and the Finance Ministry to compensate for the damage, done to him by federal air force’s bombardments. According to Khamzayev, as a result of bombing of Urus-Martan, his house was destroyed. He estimated the amount of compensation as $56 thousand for the house and $150 thousand for moral damage. Khamzayev’s suit was passed to the Basmanny court of Moscow two years ago, in 1999. Two scheduled sittings of the court were postponed because defendants failed to arrive. Today the court brought in the final decision: to dismiss the action. The federal structures explained this decision by a simple statement: in reality, there was no such a bombardment of Urus-Martan, which destroyed the house of the plaintiff. But according to Khamzayev, there were two bombardments. However in press the case was represented as lawful demand of a peaceful inhabitant of Chechnya, who suffered from the counter-terrorist operation. All the details were taken into consideration: Abdulla Khamzayev is a professional lawyer, practising in Moscow, and a member of Moscow Bar. Therefore, from the juridical point of view, his suit was correct. If Khamzayev’s suit had been satisfied, the most of Chechen inhabitants would have been able to file such suits. For the time being, the court does not comment on its decision.