Berezovsky returns to Russia and to politics

Famous businessman, who called himself a “political emigrant” recently, stated about his intention to return to Russia, and to become a head of a new opposition party. Boris Berezovsky made this statement in his interview for Washington Post. He stressed that the main reason of his return to Russia is a political one. Putin is destroying what we have been creating within 10 years, said Berezovsky. But he did not clarify what exactly. Now, after Putin came to power, we have all the necessary conditions to create real opposition, he said. PRAVDA.Ru has announced that Boris Berezovsky has already tried to return to the to the political scene of Russia. Using all the possibilities, Berezovsky holds negotiations with Russian politicians, both federal and regional. Last time he was seen with Irkutsk governor Boris Govorin, during his visit to London. Now Berezovsky does not keep his intentions in secret any more. Apparently, therefore he always says “we”: “we created”, “we have all the conditions”, etc. The creation of an independent party, which will be led by Berezovsky, began long ago. British journalists note that the businessman set up a fund ($ 25 million), financing several liberal movements in Russia and maybe political structures, which need a support. Most of the movements, financed by the fund, act in regions of Russia, far away from the federal centre. Berezovsky is also famous for his interest to regions of Russia with highly developed industry, such as Krasnoyarsky territory. This is a question: was not it Berezovsky who provoked scandals in Irkutsk region in particular and in Siberia federal region in general. It may seem that, “reconstructing the things”, created by him and his fellows, he decided to start with Russian regions, reformed by “destroying” Vladimir Putin. Berezovsky has enough money. It is scheduled to spent $10 million for the program of the fund, mentioned above. This money will be enough even for Alen Delon’s visit to Russia.

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