Kazan prostitutes need treatment

Another raid to detect drug addicts among the city prostitutes was carried out by police this week in Kazan, the capital of the republic of Tatarstan. 12 girls aged 16-18 were detained. They underwent a medical check. The girls looked miserable – pale, emaciated, and pricked. Really, they more resembled the Russian homeless of the Civil War times than the “priestesses of love” of the 3d millennium. Having analyzed the blood samples obtained from the above patients, doctors were merely shocked. 11 out of 12 proved drug addicts. One proved HIV-positive, 2 were diagnosed as having syphilis, 3, hepatitis C, the rest having various-type vaginal infections. The girls were duly instructed and released, because the republic has now law under which a person, even if from a “risk group,” would be forced to undergo medical treatment. Of course, the girls promised to start to receive treatment immediately. Unfortunately, only one or two of them will really think of treatment. The rest will be more anxious to get heroin.


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