Sympathy for “home-made” fascists goes with Russophobia in Latvia

Latvia’s court verdict, sentenced three citizens of Russia, members of National-Bolshevic party to long terms of imprisonment for terrorism, is evidence that in some political cycles sympathy for “home-bred” fascists goes with Russophobia, a statement of the department for information and press of the Foreign Ministry of Russia says. PRAVDA.Ru has already described the action, carried out by Russian citizens and about the trial, which followed. It will be recalled, that young people (the eldest of them was 24, the youngest was 17) threatened to blow up themselves with a grenade, which turned out to be fake later on. Thus the radicals tried to attract the attention of the society to the problem of persecution of veterans-antifascists in Latvia, and to the ambition of the nation to join anti-Russian alliance NATO. “This is a hooligan trick, though covered up by noble slogans. However Latvia justice decided to demonstrate deliberate cruelty towards the young Russians, by charging them with political terrorism”, Russian Foreign Ministry states. At the same time, Latvian justice was not so harsh while considering the case of a blowing up of a monument of warriors, released Riga from fascists: the Supreme Court sentenced them to short terms of imprisonment. Hooligans are turned into terrorists and punished with severe sentences, but real terrorists are just reproved, Russian Foreign Ministry concludes. Maybe somebody expected another reaction of Russian political elite. However nowadays Russia has to be satisfied with angry statements, and nothing else.

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