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Sensational Crimes Solved In Chechnya

Chechen law-enforcement officers have solved a number of sensational crimes. Among other things, the police have established that Alkhan-Kala village administrator Tsuyev had been killed November 9, 2000 by Chalayev, Khasayev and Timur Avteev, 25, who had also wounded his secretary Dodayeva. The three men are active members of an unlawful paramilitary unit, which is commanded by terrorist Arbi Barayev, reports the headquarters of the Russian Interior Ministry's North Caucasus force. The police have also learned the names of those thugs, who had killed Kulary village administrator Raisa Mosarova April 7. Right now, the authorities have launched a manhunt for Magomed Abdulgadzhiyev, 19 and Apti Khatuyev, 21, who also serve with Arbi Barayev's gang. Investigators are also looking for Valid Zhumayev, 21, who is a resident of Kulary village. Mesker-Yurt village administrator Sharami Dudagov and his deputy Khasmagomed Tsutsayev had been killed November 17, 2000, what with law-enforcement officers subsequently establishing the name of the culprit. That crime had been committed by Zubair Terkibayev, 34, of Mesker-Yurt village. That bandit is also wanted for earlier crimes by the Yaroslavl regional police department. The Russian Interior Ministry's officers serving in Chechnya have also solved the murders of several local clergymen.