USA outraged at Tito’s behaviour in orbit

The United States cannot reconcile themselves with the flight of the US citizen, the first space tourist Dennis Tito. Real threats began when complaints that Tito can cause a damage to the space station had not worked out. It became known today that the Americans were going to file an action against Rosaviacosmos. NASA is planning to make Russian partners in International Space Station pay for the damage, done by Tito to the schedule of experiments at the spaceship. According to the Americans, staying of a civilian aboard the International Space Station may distract the cosmonauts. As a result, the schedule of research was ruined, and several days were wasted, they say. After such an explanation Tito looks like a character of an anecdote story about an astronaut from some third world country: “Did you like the flight?” “Yes, I did, but I have pain in my hands.” “Why?” “It was like this: don’t touch it! And they gave me a crack on my hands…” However after the training he had, space tourist Dennis Tito cannot act this way. Besides, his occupation is an engineer in NASA, therefore, there is no doubt that he can operate complicated equipment. Thus, the complaints of Americans look like PR action, aimed to show that the United States do not like space tourists. Meanwhile Rosaviacosmos is looking for one more person for a flight aboard the International Space Station.

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