Russia Thinks ABM Treaty Of 1972 To Be Core Of International Security

Commenting on U.S. President George Bush's speech on strategic stability issues, Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said at a press conference held in the Foreign Ministry that the ABM Treaty of 1972 is the basis of the international security and that it cannot be regarded separated from the common policy in the disarmament sphere that has formed in the last 30 years. Igor Ivanov noted that Russia and the USA have "different viewpoints" towards the ABM Treaty. Therefore, consultations are important in order to pass from political statements to a real consideration of these or other issues, remarked the Foreign Minister. Ivanov confirmed Russia's stance: the ABM Treaty of 1972 as well as the following agreements, for instance, that of 1997, concerning separation of strategic and non-strategic AMD, create the required possibilities to solve those problems that might occur today or that might worry the Washington administration. "In order to discuss those issues we need consultations, and we will begin them soon," said Ivanov. Igor Ivanov repeatedly stressed that Russia consistently speaks in favor of maintaining and strengthening the ABM Treaty of 1972 in the interests of the international security.

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