Russia Has Become A Democratic State

The Russian Federation has become a democratic state with an independent and predictable foreign policy, Russian foreign minister Igor Ivanov told a conference of the Russian association of international research on Friday. In his opinion, new Russia "did not formulate the fundamental principles and objectives of its foreign policy overnight, of course". However, it is safe to say now that the period of forming our foreign policy strategy has been completed in the main, he noted. This is proved by the fact that the Russian state is operating on the international arena proceeding from the drafted and approved foreign policy doctrine, whose main principles are a clear-cut definition of national priorities, pragmatism and economic efficiency, he believes. The concept of Russian foreign policy provides an answer to key issues, he stressed. In particular, it has clearly formulated for the first time the understanding of Russian national interests, stressed Ivanov. These are the need to create maximally favorable conditions for the progressive development of the Russian economy and society as a whole, as well as firm historical continuity. Apart from that, said Ivanov, Russia sees its national interests on the international arena in a broad context of forming a new world order. Today, the international community is facing global problems and challenges, which equally concern the interests of the security and well-being of all states, stressed the minister. Only within the framework of a just democratic world order can Russia secure a worthy place in the world for itself in the best of ways, stressed Ivanov. In his words, Russian foreign policy harmoniously blends, on the one hand, a consistent upholding of national interests, and on the other - a search for collective solutions to key international problems. This determines Russia's persistent efforts for the United Nations' /UN/ stronger authority and role in world affairs and an unconditional observance of the principles of this organization's charter and the generally-recognized norms of international law, said the minister.

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