Kiseliov to replace TV-6 journalists?

After the scandalous events at NTV, its former leader Evgeny Kiseliov came to the other television channel, TV-6. However TV-6 staff is not delighted with his coming. As the new acting director general came, a lot of things changed at the channel. New programs will take the place of old ones. NTV journalists, editors, cameramen will replace those who used to work at TV-6. TV-6 staff is waiting for dismissals and looking for new jobs. Keseliov is not distressed with it: according to him, NTV journalists “are stars”, and, evidently, therefore, they can do what they want to.

“It has not been announced yet about the future dismissals,” a TV-6 journalist said to the PRAVDA.Ru correspondent. “Berezosky promised, that we would not stay without a job, however everybody feels depressed. And everybody understands that two teams cannot get along together at the channel. One of them will have to leave. And I guess, you understand which one. Kiseliev intends to broadcast more news. It means that some programs will be liquidated. Journalists will be fired, editors and others will follow them.”

The row burst out on Monday, after Kiseliov’s visit to the channel. The new acting director general spent only half an hour at the channel. After the conversation with him and other NTV journalists editor-in-chief of TV-6 news service Mikhail Ponomariov resigned. He expressed his point of view in an open letter to the acting director general. “Don’t you feel that under existing circumstances you act like a drowning man, who decided to become a captain of the ship as soon as he was saved by its sailors? At the same time you say that company, to which the ship belongs, cannot order to the captain, there to sail”, he wrote. Later on TV-6 staff published their open letter, in which they shared this opinion. As NTV journalists came to TV-6, our team got into the same difficulties, NTV had run into. “We sympathized with you and supported you when NTV got into trouble. We tried to overlook your arrogance. But saving yourselves, you give up us” . 85 employees of the company signed the letter. A week ago Kiseliev called for people to go out for a rally in support of NTV. What’s next? Will the participants of the meeting go out to defend TV-6 against Kiseliov?

Sergey Snegov

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