Serbs condemn Obrenovic’s arrest

Dragan Obrenovic, commander of Zvornik brigade of Serb army was detained not far from Zvornik in Bosnia and Herzegovina April, 15. It happened in a week after International Tribunal in the Hague published a warrant to arrest Obrenovic. The Hague Tribunal officials voiced their satisfaction with the successful operation. Thus the main prosecutor on Obrenovic’s case, Carla del Ponte, who considers the Serb officer guilty of military crimes against Bosnian Muslims, expressed her admiration with the action and noted that it was the first arrest since last June. She also greeted effective co-operation with international forces in Bosnia and predicted new arrests in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In general, Serb mass media do not comment on this information. However the president of Serbia Mirko Sharovic took the risk of condemning the arrest of Dragan Obrenovic. According to him, “the Hague tribunal activity and the existence of secret bills of indictment do not assist in consolidation of peace and confidence in Serbia”. The reaction of local inhabitants was more harsh. According to official information, about 3,000 took part in the meeting of protest in Zvornik against Orbenovic’s arrest. Of course, there is no unanimity on this matter. However political situation in the territory of Yugoslavia is not stable, anti-NATO sentiments are widespread among the population of Serbia. And the ruling circles should consider it. At the same time, this ruling elite can scarcely resist the intentions of the “peacemakers”. International community, following USA tastes, demands from Serb authorities to proceed with arrests of Serbs…

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