The left-wingers comment on the unification of the Unity party and the fatherland movement

The leader of the Agro-Industrial Group in the State Duma, Nikolai Kharitonov, believes that the unification of the Unity party and the Fatherland movement is taking place "on the basis of certain undercurrents and interests." Otherwise, he told journalists, it is not clear why should the rivals in the election campaign unite? In Kharitonov's opinion, it will now be easier for the Left associations to conduct the election campaign because in the Russian society "only two or three big political forces will remain." As the parliamentarian explained, he meant the People's Patriotic Union of Russia, the association of the Unity and the Fatherland, and the Union of Right Forces with the Yabloko. According to Kharitonov, he does not take the party of Vladimir Zhirinovsky into consideration because "it joins some or other political forces depending on the situation." With the present alignment of forces in the State Duma, said Nikolai Kharitonov, it is "a little bit difficult" for the Left-wingers: Agrarians and Communists. Answering questions, Nikolai Kharitonov said that in the near future his group does not intend to delegate its members to the KPRF faction to make the communist faction be the biggest again in the Lower House. As has already been reported, on Wednesday one LDPR member and one independent Duma deputy joined the Unity faction. Thus, the Unity and the KPRF factions have now an equal number of members - 85 each. But the number of Left deputies in the State Duma has remained, as before, 129. In his turn, the leader of the KPRF faction, Gennady Zyuganov, told journalists that the Unity party and the Fatherland movement had united, having in mind the future elections. "The centrist forces are uniting, the Right forces are forming one group, and the Left-wingers will work in a more organised way," said he. State Duma Speaker Gennady Seleznev agrees with Zyuganov. He did not exclude the possibility of creating a Right Centrist bloc and added that "the Left flank is also not asleep."

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