Vice admiral Valery Dorogin: I'm not surprised at yesterday's air accident

PRAVDA.Ru journalist Sergey Stephanov asked Russian vice-admiral Valentin Dorogin to comment on yesterday’s collision of American reconnaissance plane with Chinese fighter:

“I am not surprised at the accident that happened yesterday over the South-China Sea. Such things have happened earlier as well. Americans have always been rude to other countries. Here is an example: in 1983 an unknown plane was discovered in the sky over the Soviet Union, not far from Kamchtka. Later on it turned out that it was a passenger airliner Boing-747 which was going straight to the main base of USSR strategic nuclear forces. Not long ago before it that plane “visited” one of American air force bases and was supplied with special equipment there. A secret device, aimed for the contact with reconnaissance airplane RC-135, was set inside the plane. The plane was brought down over Tatar Strait. Besides, over Japanese and Okhotsk seas our scouts noticed two US anti-submarine planes Orion, which were collecting information about Russian submarines. Now our Navy became “coastal” and lost its importance. USA began to pay more attention to quickly developing China. This country is armed with new nuclear and atomic submarines. To all appearances, American reconnaissance plane was looking for them. Experts are to find out who provoked the collision. Anyway, Americans were engaged in expansion, and Chinese pilots should respond to the event. Can you imagine, what would the United States do, if Chinese scouts patrolled US territories?”

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